On the initiative of two skiers from the village of Lisec-Tetovo, Jusuf Abduli and Argjent Abduli, with unremarked support from Agim Rexhepi, Agron LLokmani and Jonuz Haliti,Ski club Sharri Academy was founded in 2016 in order to re-establish the tradition of the first ski club named “Sharr” also founded in the village of Lisec-Tetovo in 1934 by Nuriman Velija, from where derives the name of our club “Sharri Academy”. As members of the family hierarchy at the top with the skier Nuriman Velija and as a professional ex skiers we feel obliged to contribute in the development of skiing in Kodra e Diellit and to advance the tradition and mission that had started since 1934 by the skier Nuriman Velija.


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Reçic e vogel, 1200, Tetovo
Phone:00389 71 631909

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